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Rookie swingers

Are you a rookie swinger looking to start your journey with other new swingers or fancy hooking up with active swingers? Always fantasised about swapping partners and watching other men with your wife? Then we can help we have tons of rookie swingers and of course active swingers just like yourself who are desperate to explore the swinger life style and meet new friends along the way a good way for a rookie swinger to find out if the life style for them is to listen to regular older swingers stories etc and one thing that all swingers and clubs stress is all rookie swingers are up for swinging 100% both yourself and your partners must be committed to swinging other wise its not for you swingers don’t like rookies coming and one of the partners getting jealous and not being able to handle it so please before going in make sure you have done your research and that swinging is 100% for you. If your raring to go then by all means join hotel swingers today and start your swinger life style journey. Below is a free rules etc for all rookie swingers who might not be familiar with them, Inside our members area we have a full rookie guide for all newbie swingers.

1. Swinging is for open minded couples – Its never favourable if one partner leaves early and the other is left at the club
2. The party doesn’t last for ever – Arrive at the party early to avoid disappointment.
3. Be friendly with every one at a swingers party – No one likes rude obnoxious guests
4. Health and hygiene must be up to standard – We don’t like un washed smelly people!
5. No means no – They really mean no so don’t push your luck
6. Ask first – Don’t just barge in there thinking your going to get laid.
7. Respect other swingers boundaries

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